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~Repair and Restoration of Acoustic & Electric Stringed Instruments~

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"Dave Howard is the ultimate craftsman when it comes to stringed instruments. Beyond his encyclopedic technical knowledge, he has a special touch that is just magical - sort of like a "spirit with guitar." Whether making adjustments to improve playability and sound, or undertaking major repairs (and he has handled some "train wrecks"), his patience, care and skill combine to make an average instrument sound good, or bring a top-of-the-line instrument to its full potential. What's more, you always seem to know a little more about your own instrument when he is done working on it - a sure sign of a real pro."

-John Begala, 1960's Guild F30, 1976 Martin D35, 2003 Taylor/Klein Acoustic Bass

There is a reason why some of Northeast Ohio's finest musicians trust only Spiritwood Guitar with their instruments...master craftsmanship!  David Howard has been repairing stringed instruments for over 30 years.  His experience and passion for his craft is evident in every repair...from the simplest set-up to the most complex restoration.

~Spiritwood Guitar~
Stow, Ohio
David Howard